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Selling your Home: Exterior Ideas July 14, 2010

When listing your home for sale, it must be in the best shape possible. This may mean spending some time and money bringing some aspects of the home up to par. This article is going to explore in further detail some of the things that can be done to improve the appearance and selling power of your home’s exterior. Sometimes it’s the small details that get noticed and you never know what someone’s favorite aspects of a home will be. You would be remiss not to try to create as many of these points as possible.

The first item on the list is an easy one. The paint. Paint jobs can deteriorate and fade over the years as environmental factors tend to cause wear and tear on the surface of your home. New paint is a great way to take years off the home and revitalize its look. Of course, if you have a home made of brick or siding, there is really no need or want to paint. With a brick home, try power washing the bricks to bring them back to their full glory. A simple wash of siding can make it look like new again. Make sure to use a cleaner that is safe for your siding surface. When painting, you will want to stick with neutral colors as a more personalized paint choice can alienate certain buyers and you need to draw as many buyers as possible.

The yard also plays an important role in the sale of your home. The yard is one of the prime elements in the curb appeal of any home, and as such should be a high priority area in terms of upgrades. Is you lawn kind of patchy? Perhaps some new lawn is in order. A lush and rich lawn is a huge attraction factor for buyers and sets a great frame for any home. When this is coupled with well-tended gardens and some nice flowers, it creates a picture that is both beautiful, and attractive to buyers. The more attention you pay to the scenic elements of your home, the more buyers will notice the care and time you have spent on your home. If time has shown anything, it is that buyers like to purchase homes that have been well cared for.