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Top Local Security Experts Discuss Home Security: Rear Of The House July 17, 2010

Home security involves protecting the house from all imaginable angles. Maintaining a safe, secure home environment means making sure all entry points are not damaged or compromised; for instance an overlooked area of the house that often requires serious door repair San Diego home security specialists tell us, is the back of the house where burglars often enter the home in a home invasion. To increase security at home, experts strongly recommend readers to consider the following measures.

Lights that are motion-sensitive: Prevent nighttime prowlers from breaking into your home by installing motion-sensitive lights. Installing a solar-powered light won’t even require electrical wiring — it gets all the power it needs from the sun and attaches to your home’s exterior with the screws provided. A 12-foot cable lets you position the light and the solar panel in different locations for maximum sunlight retention.

Securing Auxiliary Doors And Investing in San Diego Roll Up Door Repair For Worn-Out Garage And Roll Up Doors

For both commercial roll up doors and home garages doors, though using a case-hardened steel padlock is an effective temporary fix if you don’t have a self-locking automatic garage door, investing in fixing damaged doors is the best long-term solution in preventing break-ins of this kind.

After securing your home’s front and back doors and the windows, it’s important to look for other points of vulnerability. Homeowners often overlook safeguarding them, however, they must be aware that attached garages and sliding doors that open onto patios and balconies are favorite points of entry for burglars.

Sliding door

Locking bar: The standard locks that come with sliding doors are easy to pry open. Use a locking bar (or a wooden dowel) to keep the door from being forced open. Also be sure to seriously consider investing in San Diego glass replacements for old, damaged sliding glass doors and windows to further discourage burglars from breaking into your property.

If there is too much space between a sliding door and its upper track, the door can be picked up, tilted outward, and removed — just like a sliding shower door. Leaving just enough room for the door to slide by installing screws along the inside of the upper track prevents the door from being able to be lifted out.

Doors with knobs

Door jammer: Ideal for a hotel room or a rented apartment or house with weak locks, a door jammer is essentially a door stopper on a stick. It looks like a footed cane, with a top that hooks under the doorknob and a base that grips the floor, preventing your door from being forced inward. A door jammer is easy to use and fits in a suitcase. For more information on home security, contact your local San Diego locksmiths to learn more.