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Bathroom Ensuite Design July 18, 2010

A single bathroom just isn’t enough for many families in today’s households. Gone are the days of our grandparents using the outside loo and sharing their bath times. No longer do larger families have to put up with arguments over the one bathroom. Ensuites are great investments that don’t necessarily need an extension although it may encroach on valuable living space. Designing an ensuite to add into a bedroom may result in less room but the rewards are far greater.

Creating an ensuite doesn’t need to be a stressful project as long as the planning is correct right from the early stages. If adding an ensuite onto an existing bedroom make sure the two rooms are coherent to make it work successfully. An ensuite isn’t meant to be as large as the main bathroom so think of products that will fit nicely into a compact space. Many ensuites tend to be a square design as they are usually built into a corner of an existing room. If you want a bath as well in the ensuite consider the dimensions of the bath carefully as a standard 1700mm x 700mm may be too big. Smaller baths are available on the market so shop around, don’t just squeeze any bath in and spoil the design. Bathroom Manufacturers are now creating smaller sizes in every product in order to make them work in compact bathrooms. Water pressure may be another point to consider as your ensuite may be higher than the hot water tank in your home. If this is the case then it may mean moving the existing tank or installing a pump system. If you are not sure about the plumbing of your new ensuite consult a professional. As with any bathroom ventilation is important but more so when installing an ensuite. This is because the ensuites are usually built against internal walls rather than external, so a duct must be installed. Newly built houses commonly have an ensuite leading from the bedroom or alternative room. If you have an existing property and wish to add an ensuite, the possibilities are there if you have enough space and imagination. At the very early stages consult a professional who will be able to advice you of plumbing issues that may need to be considered. Start as you mean to go on so plan and consider every eventuality, this way it will be a smooth process for everyone.