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Get Steamy in your Bathroom August 2, 2010

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Get Steamy in Your Bathroom

Steam cabins offer a healthy alternative to a shower, and give you a spa-like experience that is second to none. They are a truly indulgent addition to any bathroom, and will give you hours of relaxing pleasure.

A steam cabin can create all of these healing properties you would get from a commercial steam room, but from the comfort of your own home. They offer the conventional properties you would expect from a shower enclosure, and can be used without the steam effect. They are a pleasure to use, with hydrotherapy and massage from the multiple jets, allowing you to unwind from the stresses of everyday work and life. Some cabins also offer added features to make the experience even more enjoyable, such as LED lights, radio, USB connector for MP3 players, venting fans and a LCD touch screen control panel.

Steam has many detoxifying and relaxing properties; skin begins to sweat at 37°C, and as your temperature increases, the body counteracts this change by producing sweat, as a cooling mechanism. This perspiration also allows the removal of toxins, such as heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine and cholesterol, which improves the general condition of your skin. When the temperature exceeds 43°C fat also becomes water soluble, enabling it to be released through sweat, therefore aiding weight loss.

Steam also has links with improved circulation. In order for the body to create sweat, the heart must work faster to boost circulation. The heart is a muscle, and like any, with increased exercise it will strengthen, thus improving your cardiovascular system, without having a detrimental effect on blood pressure levels. The pressure is unaffected as the heat from the steam allows capillaries in the blood to open, increasing their surface area and therefore allowing increased blood flow through them.

Steam bathing is also effective as a means of aiding respiratory problems, such as colds, asthma, bronchitis and other allergies. Steam penetrates the respiratory membranes and moistens them, relieving irritation. The heat and moisture loosens secretions and stimulates the throat to discharge mucous, thus cleaning out the respiratory system. It is the combination of water and heat that are beneficial over, say a conventional sauna.

Steam also helps us to relax both physically and mentally, relieving symptoms of stress and muscle pain, by creating a calming environment and somewhere that you can really enjoy personal indulgence, so treat yourself today with a steam cabin. There are a wide variety of steam cabins available on the market, with one to suit any style or decor of bathroom, and their appearance is similar to that of a shower enclosure, ensuring they will complement the look of your bathroom. So treat yourself today and invest in a steam cabin and wind the hours away in pure relaxation.