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Garage Door Tips For Renovators August 22, 2010

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If you are a Perth resident renovating your home, it is quite likely that at some point you’ll decide to improve on the garage doors. Those doors do, after all, make up a large share of the visible section of your house, and naturally you want them looking their best. Maybe you’re adding an entire garage to your home, or completely rebuilding one. Maybe you have a garage, but the garage door is totally decrepit and in need of a replacement from scratch. Maybe you have a perfectly serviceable door, but you’d like to investigate improving it, maybe turning it into an automatic garage door with a remote control, so you can park your car in the evening without needing to get out and wrestle with cold aluminum.

If you fit any of those descriptions, you’re reading the right article to find out how garage doors can be fitted in Perth. Below, you’ll find a few tips on how to fix up your garage door so that they are as good as if you were in a brand new house.

#Replacement or upgrade

Suppose you’ve moved into Perth, into a house with a working manual garage door, and you’d rather have an automatic doors. You have three options: live with the existing doors, take out the garage doors and put in a set of new, automatic garage doors, or adapt the existing garage doors by adding an automatic opener.

Adding an external motor to open and close your existing garage doors is unlikely to get you the smooth performance of a custom-installed garage door, although if you find the right vendor and install carefully, it is certainly possible. Perth’s garage door market contains both good and bad companies, but shop carefully and you’ll be OK. You will have something that is perfectly acceptable for normal use. It will also be (often, but not necessarily) substantially cheaper than starting from scratch. Finally, it will be in keeping with the style of the rest of your home, assuming that the previous occupants had at least a little consideration for the appearance of the building.

External motors can be added to almost any form of manual garage door. A skilled workman will be able to automate a garage door in a way that will take up hardly any space, and will not change the motion of your existing garage doors.

#New garage doors for an old garage

What about a second scenario? Your Perth home has a garage, but the garage door is useless. It’s not uncommon to move into a house in Perth where the garage has been used as a storeroom, and find that the garage door hasn’t been opened for years. In such a situation the garage doors’ mechanism is likely to be rusted, the metal or plastic bent out of shape, and the garage door is unusable.

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to replace a garage door on an existing garage. Garage door specialists in Perth will often offer to dispose of your old garage door, and to build a set of custom garage doors that will fit right into the gap. If you can get such an offer, it is usually a good idea to accept it. You will find that this option is preferable to the cost of disposing of your old garage door in Perth yourself.

You also don’t need to worry much about non-standard sizes and shapes of garage. It is now possible to obtain doors for any shape of garage – this may involve custom garage doors, but if you are guided by Perth’s professionals you will not find that to be much of an inconvenience.

#Pretty things

If you’ve bought a house in Perth for renovation, it’s quite likely that you have some strong ideas about how you’d like to make it look. Don’t let your garage doors get in the way of that. In other words, don’t settle for doors which look as though they are just the ’standard model’. Be adventurous, and dare to demand something that compliments the look you are planning for you home. Many different designs are available today in many different colours including a metal timberlook colour which looks very much like the “real deal”., or actual timber doors can be made in almost any design you can imagine. So dream a little before you invest in your garage door, and you could end up with something unusual and delightful.