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Practical Tips from Home Furniture Removalists August 22, 2010

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Panic. This is the first reaction of most individuals when home relocation is mentioned. Their reaction is understandable as well because moving is mostly never easy. Aside from moving the tangible things that makes your house home, it also means closing one chapter of your life and moving on to another one. In this instance, it is important to get help where it is available. Hiring professional home furniture removalists can make the task a lot easier.

Before you pack your things though, keeping in mind the following practical tips can be of great help to you:

Washing – it would be a good idea to conduct a pre-move laundry session. If you hired professional laundry services, all items that have been sent to the dry cleaner or laundry should be collected. Moving to a new place without worrying about a pile of dirty clothes can take a lot of pressure off our shoulders.

Decorations and Carpets – if you intend to seal the floors of your new house or lay carpets, it is best to take care of these tasks before moving in the furniture. Meanwhile, if you want to use your previous curtains, rugs, and covers, have these altered or cleaned in advance as well.

Furniture & Fixtures – anything that is fixed to the floor, ceiling, or wall can technically be classified under this category. Among the items that are included here are pelmets, fireplace fittings, mirrors, fixed lighting, and wall cupboards. Take not that these items are not removed by the home furniture removalists; getting the help of carpenters would be beneficial in this case if you decide to remove certain fixtures.

Freezers – freezers are among the largest pieces in the house. Added to that is the fact that it is an electrical appliance. There is a more practical concern in moving freezers though; some homeowners try to move their freezers full. Home furniture removalists would never recommend this because it is easy to damage the interior and the frame of the freezer in moving. Also, defrosting will occur during a long journey so consuming all the food within it or giving it away might be a good move.

Electrical Appliances – aside from carefully packing all the electrical appliances you plan to use on your new home, unplugging all appliances that will be left behind is important. Home furniture removalists recommend that you disconnect heaters, stoves, washing machines, and take down electrical fittings before moving.

Individual Travel Arrangements –home furniture removalists provide excellent service but it would be unfair to expect them to do the impossible. In some cases, the move cannot be completed in a day or two so you might need hotel accommodations. Fortunately, a number of home furniture removalists have now tied up with hotel establishments to provide the best possible rates for movers.