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Selecting the right dog for your Home or Family August 29, 2010

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Hi, maybe you are thinking of owning a pet for your Home or Family. The question is which animal is the right one for me and or my Family? Well hopefully this articile will help you make that decision much easier.

There are 100’s of animals as well as breeds to coose from but how do you pick the right one? Before I answer that allow me to tell you a little bit about my experience with animals. I’m 56 yrs. of age and I raised everything you can think of in the domestic line of animals and quite a few of the exotics as well. Over the years I learned many valuable lessons on choosing the right animal that I will gladly share with you or anyone interested in owning the right pet for the Home and Family. I dealt with all kinds of temperments and behaviors that can cause many folks to quickly realize they might of made a mistake in thier choice of a pet. I learned that only a very few animals are actually suited for the Home and Family. Knowing which ones are, makes a huge differance in selection.

So where does one begin? With the animal of choice. You must know all you can about the animals behavior and temperment first before you choose your pet. That’s where most people fail when it comes to choosing thier ideal pet. Most people see an animal and based solely on it’s appearance they fall in love with it. Bad choice! Looks, color, cute, and all of those kind of reasons for choosing a pet leaves most folks wishing they had never seen that animal from the beginning. Cute is good until you realize that you can not train cute. Did you know that some pets are very difficult to train? All animals can be trained if you are an experienced trainer. If you are not it can turn out to be a living nightmare when you try to train or correct your pets bad habits. There is an ole saying from trainers about training animals and it is, you have to be smarter than the animal you are trying to train.

Unless you are a professional Trainer it pays to know all you can know about the animal you are about to choose as your pet. Unless you are prepared for the nightmare that will surely come from the lack of experience with correcting behavorial problems. To save you and others alot of frustration I will narrow the selection porcess down to one animal. That one is the Rat Terrier. Why this one? Because even a novice can train this dog. These dogs are super intelligent and they are more than willing to please their owners. They basically will train themselves as they begin to get to know what you like and what you don’t. That’s how smart they are. Rat Terriers are the perfect Family pet because certain traits were bred into them to make them the way they are. They were bred to do just what thier name denotes and that was to eliminate rats in the Home. These littles guys are use to living in the Home and they adore thier owners. So much so that they will do just about anything to please thier Masters that they can do.

Training is easy all you do is talk to them as you would talk to your child when correcting them. I know that sounds silly but that’s how they learn what you like and what you don’t. Scolding them is the best way to denote your dissaproval of the behavior you want them to correct. This Articile is going to be be quite long so for the purpose of easy learning I will write several segements in order to understand why Rat Terriers are the perfect Home and Family Pet. Come again if you would like to know more on choosing the right pet for you and your Family.