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Home Security Systems to Keep Your Home Safe June 28, 2010

all like peace of mind knowing that our homes are safe when leaving or on vacation. Unfortunately, the greatest number of ‘home intrusions” occurs when families are on vacation or away for longer periods. By installing a home security system, this dramatically reduces the chance of your home being robbed. Also, a home security system has other features such as options for calling your local fire or police department by just pushing one button. Elderly or small children in the household would benefit from this feature, as a live person would be available in any state of emergency without using the phone.

Home Security Systems may sound like a lot of work, especially when most families are constantly on the go. The key; is to locate the perfect system for you. Many Home Security companies offer choices that better fit your lifestyle and can choose what is most convenient for your household.


A home security system isn’t just for citizens in high-crime areas. For suburban homes where the whole neighborhood seems to empty during the day, a security system may be a good choice. A home security system equipped with a good camera can do a lot for your house. You can use it to see who is at the door before you open it, you can also keep an eye on driveways to watch vehicles & equipment and most importantly, you can check on any trespassers. A home security system can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance costs.


Here are the basic choices to choose from…

Simple Security; These options have less bells and whistles. The system may include motion sensors, sound detectors, and photocells. Individual window alarms could be set in place, do-it-yourself wireless systems, and timers that would turn on lights at a programmed time to create an illusion that someone is home.

Other options with the Simple Security would include; Interior alarms that monitor intrusions inside the home including, panic switches, noise detection, motion sensors, photoelectric beams (light beams that trigger when interrupted) and pressure mats (flat switches that trigger by footsteps). In addition to home security systems, adding dead bolts or “heavy-duty strike plates” can further help improve your home security. Outdoor motion detectors are sensor lights that also offer assistance in home security.

The last option would be a Perimeter Alarms, where any perimeter being violated will ring a bell, or siren scaring most burglars away.

When it comes to the security and safety of your property and family, there is never an exact cost to help consider which system, but always know that there is a solution for keeping your home safe from violators. Anything new takes a short time to adjust, and before long, it becomes systematic in your everyday living.

I too have a security system and I never think of it as a burden to punch in my code when I enter my home with my children, or any thought at all for that matter. I guess that is what we call that little peace of mind. My home security gives me the comfort I need just knowing that my family is safer.

Let’s face it, we live in a world moving toward increasing crime. When we think of people out in the world who have suffered fatality, or injury related to burglar, we often think, “This could never happen to me.” The fact is it can happen to you. It just hasn’t happen yet.

It is a fact that no one is excluded from the criminal’s intent to steal, harm, or take a life. Criminals do not think on the same terms as we do, therefore, we must take extra precautions to guard our family and home.

In addition to burglary, fires and carbon monoxide claims a life each day. According to statistics over 1000 person’s die from carbon monoxide poisoning. Another 10,000 persons fall injury to carbon monoxide poisoning and/or fire. Fires claim more lives than carbon monoxide, therefore adding a CO, (Carbon Monoxide Alarm) Smoke alarm, and a home security device to your home is not much to ask for compared to the lives you will save.